I am an actor, dancer, singer, playwright and screenwriter.  Creativity is fun. After studying in Oxford and London, England, in summer programs, I learned to appreciate Shakespeare and the iambic pentameter - that the heart and text are inextricably linked. 
New York City is live theatre. Many of the world's best teachers are here giving me the privilege of working on my technique and deepening my love for the performing arts. 
To date, my one-woman show entitled, The Truth About Black Suburban Girls (combing scenes, songs and dance), which I have performed at various theatres, including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland, has been the most fun I have had on stage. Being alone on stage, revealing my original work about my life, is a scary yet exciting experience. I learn something every day about the creative process. That’s why it feels so good! 
As always, I look forward to the next exciting creative endeavor.